Girl's End

with book by Jenna Warriner

On her 22nd birthday, a young woman with no discernable skills is last to be picked for her zombie apocalypse survival team, abandoned to fend for herself in a storage unit in Guelph. She vows to survive until next years birthday, armed only with a dying cell phone, an assortment of makeshift party supplies, and an indomitable spirit that even brains eating zombies can't crush.

**** - Both Abrahamson’s songs and Warriner’s book are fashioned with impressive wit and charm to chronicle a journey that can’t possibly end well, Liz Nichols, Edmonton Journal

**** Daniel Abrahamson composed the music and witty, playful lyrics all compacted into a succinct 45-minute performance. — Erin Lebar, Winnipeg Free Press

production history

First Sight Festival Toronto 2015

Winnipeg Fringe 2016

Edmonton Fringe 2016