Untag, unfollow
It’s hard to swallow
Block, delete
Don’t forget to eat
Rebuild, rewrite
Don’t stay up all night
Injecting pathetic invective

Distract, despair
Cut out those who care
Retreat, react
Damnit Norman face the fact
That she is gone
Moving up and moving on
But everytime online there goes her reflection

This is new, this isn’t you
Its just a phase you’re going through
It isn’t fair, it isn’t right
But I swear it ends tonight
And if there’s light to lead me through this wrath
Show me the path

How do I remove you?
Is there a shortcut to erase traces of faces from a mind
How do I remove you?
Killing me would have been more kind
Than leaving me behind

Uncouple, unlink
Come back from the brink
Ignore, ignite
Can’t stop staring but can’t stand the sight
Of her, of them
Condone it or condemn
It’s happening nothing’s gonnna bring it to extinction stupid

Find every photo, every memory and wipe it clean
Scrub the sectors tear the specters of her off the screen
If you fail you leave a trail of wailing thumbnails in your wake
How long is this supposed to take?

How do I remove you?
Your online presence is pervasive and preventing moving on
How do I remove you?
I’ll be so grateful when you’re gone

Free space
I just need freed space
Search and replace you with something real
Something beautiful, something powerful
And I’ll heal

How do I remove you?
Where’s the uninstaller for somebody stalling through the worst withdrawal?
How do I remove you?
And do you know what hurts me most of all?

You’ve made me seem so small
I ended up this thrall
I swore I wouldn’t fall

And you get away with it
You get away with it
Get away with it
Get away
— "Remove You" from LevelHead
I love you, but the people who love you most drive me crazy
Yet somehow you managed to turn out alright
I love you, but the people you lived with for most of your life make my life a living hell, oh well
Lets not fight

But can I just say, and don’t get offended, that you are amazing in spite of, not because of, what you endured in their care
And don’t get me wrong, but I think all along they knew you were better them, or at least could do better regardless of coming from them

You don’t choose your parents
So please don’t get angry
I’m sure if you could have chosen you’d have chose differently

Your family, isn’t your fault
I have a family too
And your family, isn’t all bad, they managed to bring me you

I love you, but the people who share your genes and ideas are batshit insane
How you somehow survived I will never know
I love you, but the people responsible for you aren’t responsible at all
Even so

That despite all their failings, and constant harrassment, they managed to raise one pretty decent human being
And I mean only one, cause your siblings are hopeless and I want to see them as little as we can

Don’t get insulted
It’s not you I’m attacking
Just all those around who made you who you are

Your family, isn’t your fault
A family’s inflicted from out of the blue
Your family screwed up plenty of things, but they managed to bring me you

One day I’ll have a family and I will spare them from all the things mine put me through
I wont ever let them down, or love them too much, or teach them lessons of life that just simply aren’t true

Don’t overanalyze
It’s just your family
The people who loved you despite who you were

Your family isn’t your fault
A family does what they’ll do
Your family is who I should thank for managing bringing me you
— "Family Isn't Your Fault" from HeartBrokers
Is it really true?
My head is in a whirl
I’ve dreamed of you since I was a little girl

Dimaggio’s a dud
The Kennedy’s unkind
There’s just one famous mister who’s always on my mind

Mr Hefner, I’m such a fan!
I’ve desired and admired you,
Since you began
You’re gonna be such a big success.
I’m in state of excitement, and undress

Mr Hefner, I think you’re the tops.
When you’re beside me, inside of me hops.
Mr. President , That’s you!
If only you saw me too

Now I know that I mean nothing to ya
God knows I can see right through ya
And I don’t even care that you’re not a millionaire
With nothing to flaunt, it’s you that I want

Mr Hefner, look in front of your nose
I’m sitting there with you in very few clothes
You gotta give the fellas, what they wanna see
And Mr. Hefner it’s me

You wanna a big apartment and a fancy new car
Take me in your arms, make me your star
Of all my many lovers you’re the best by far
And everything you wish for will be there where you are
Mr. Hefner, it’s true

I love you, boo boop eeedoo
— "Mr. Hefner" from Hugh and I
I slowly took the shocks
As I unpacked the box
You’d packaged up from our family home

The glasses wrapped with care
It felt like you were there
Even though I’m in this brand new room alone

Just when I’m feeling fine
Your clothes mixed in with mine
Reminds me that it’s gonna take while

When I’m doing better
An old to do list or a letter
Makes me shed a tear or two, makes me want to smile

My family
Was relieved
They never really loved, you and me
Our neighbours took it well
Our cats had it rough

Most people had the blues
When they heard the news
But no one told our stuff

I had to take a seat
when i found an old receipt
From a meal we had, when I first proposed

I threw away the bowl
And the champaigne flutes we stole
Cause they remind me of the times we had, and the restaurants probably closed

Some friends were glad
Some were sad
My grandparents were kinda mad
My ex just said I told you so
My father acted tough

Nobody takes it well
When love goes to hell
But no one told our stuff

Some things were easy, like furniture, we sold and split
Some things made sense, like our memberships, we simply quit
Some things were straight ahead, you keep your car and I’ll keep mine
But some things take longer to unintertwine

Like our dreams
What do we do?
Do they go to me or go to you?
Like our plans
Do we start again
What about our love
Who takes the sense of shame?
Tell me who takes the blame?
When will I finally feel that I’ve hurt enough
I’m almost at the moment when
I am able to begin again
Except for all this Stuff
— "Stuff" from RL
Guess I’m just stupid and useless
Guess I’m just boring and basic
Might as well face it I’m

Guess they were right I’m just useless
I’ve proven tonight you can see
That’s no one’s as useless as me

I’m sorry
This stupid excuse for a party
What’s the use in a celebration through annihilation

End it
There is no way to mend it
It’s clear to see that my situation can’t be any worse, guess it’s my curse being

Utterly careless and useless
Under an infinite sea of despair
And none will care because
of how vapid and ratchet and pointlessly lost and
Useless this girl was
— "Useless" from Girl's End